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Teaching Philosophy - "Instruction at John Thompson Golf is based on golf like any other sport...there is not one perfect motion to be successful.  The best golfers, baseball players, tennis players, quarterbacks etc. all have different motions. What is only taught at John Thompson Golf is what ALL great golfers have in common. This includes proper fundamentals pre-swing, having a great short game and playing smartly (good course management).  The only things during the golf swing ALL good golfers do is have control of the club-face and the swing path into the ball.  This is how great golfers can curve the ball right, left or hit it straight on command.  With proper fundamentals pre swing and knowing where your clubface is as it approaches the ball you can be the consistent golfer you've always wanted to be."


704-280-0131             ThompsonPGA@gmail.com

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​​John's "Teaching Tent" - the meeting place for lessons - located on the left side of the Driving Range at Carolina Lakes Golf Club. 

 John Thompson Golf

                   5 Lessons   $425                                          3 Lessons  $270                                           1 Lesson  $95                           Playing Lesson (9 Holes/2 Hours)  $195


The main entrance to the golf course off US 521 South (Johnston Rd.) about 10 minutes south of Charlotte's Ballantyne area.  After pulling through this main gate, Carolina Lakes is 3/4 mile on the left (Kingfisher Dr.)

Carolina Lakes Golf Club 23012 Kingfisher Dr.       Fort Mill, SC 29707

​​Private Lessons 

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These are pictures of some of the best Golfers ever...do you see the same swing?  Obviously not...but they all have control of their clubfaces as they hit the golf ball.   And when they don't hit a good shot all these great golfers are great at Chipping and Putting to produce low scores.  These 3 things are what John emphasizes - clubface control for your full shots, how to use your wedges around the greens and making putts.


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 Paypal - ThompsonPGA@gmail         Venmo - @JohnThompsonGolf            Zelle - 704-280-0131

Individual Lessons are 45 minutes.  Group Lessons are one hour.  Lessons include HD Video Analysis when applicable, a summary of what to practice (sent via text or email at the end of the lesson), Equipment Analysis, bottled water and short game handouts from John's Short Game Schools.  If purchasing the 5 or 10 lesson package 2 lessons may be combined for a 9 hole playing lesson during the package.  All lesson purchases are valid for 1 year. 

704-280-0131    ThompsonPGA@gmail.com

                  5 Lessons   $425                                      3 Lessons  $270                                       1 Lesson   $95                   Playing Lesson (9 Holes/2 Hours)  $190

            2 Students (One Hour Lessons)                                  5 Lessons  $480                                           3 Lessons  $300                                            1 Lesson  $110

             3 students  $40 each                                     4 students  $35 each                                    5-6 students  $30 each