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 John Thompson Golf

Ladies Clinics

​​​​​​​​​​​Cost: $380 (all inclusive for semester)

           $40 Annual Enrollment Fee (per family) 


 -  John's Expert Instruction for Classes and Events       - Mobile App with GPS for yardage and much more     - Bottled Water and Special Beverages during                     - Events and after last Event                                                   - Contests and prizes for kids each class                               - Guaranteed fun and improvement    

Max: Only 6 students per group

 Meeting Place for Classes and Events:                                     The Putting Green next to the Parking Lot               Attire: Not as strict for ladies but cant wear jeans         and collared shirt is preferred.  Golf shoes are not             required (tennis shoes are fine) but are better                     because they are water proof.                                           Equipment: Not required to have your own clubs             but it helps as you can obviously practice better on   your own.

                Thursday 6-7 pm             Friday 9-10 am         Friday 10-11 am

Class 1                 6/9 | 6-7 pm                                     6/10 | 9-10 am                          6/10 | 10-11 am                            Class 2                6/16 | 6-7 pm                                    6/17 | 9-10 am                           6/17 | 10-11 am                           

           9 Hole Event 1 -  all groups - Monday 6/20 - tee times start at 6 pm    

Class 3                6/30 | 6-7 pm                                    7/1 | 9-10 am                            7/1 | 10-11 am                              

        9 Hole Event 2 -  all groups - Thursday 7/7 - tee times start at 6 pm

Class 4                7/14 | 6-7 pm                                    7/15 | 9-10 am                           7/15 | 10-11 am                           

        9 Hole Event 3 -  all groups - Monday 7/18 - tee times start at 6 pm

Class 5                7/28 | 6-7 pm                                    7/29 | 9-10 am                         7/29 | 10-11 am                         

        9 Hole Event 4 -  all groups - Monday 8/1 - tee times start at 6 pm
         Brief get-together afterwards with adult beverages provided to celebrate final event and semester!

​​​Ladies Academy Summer Schedule


Summer Semester - 9 week Program with                                5 Academy Classes and 4 Nine Hole Events

Class Options:  Monday 5-6 pm or 6-7 pm, Thursdays 6-7 pm, Fridays 9-10 am

Nine Hole Events (all groups):   Monday, June 20    Thursday, July 7                                                                                                  Monday, July 18     Monday, August 1                                                                   

                                        see below for full details and registration info 

Academy Class Options
Do you have your own clubs?
Mobile Phone

Registration Open! 

           See Below    

​​​​​​​​​​Academy Class Options - Thursdays 6-7 pm, Fridays 9-10 am or 10-11 am                                                                                                                                                                   

Do you prefer Private Instruction over Group?  Click on the link below to schedule your Private Lessons with John.  Both Individual Private Lessons available and couple or group.                                 

Or contact:    704-280-0131

Ladies Clinics with John are Operation 36 programs that consist of a series of Academy Classes and Nine hole events on the golf course!  Specific shots and skills will be taught each week in class and then students will test these learned skills on the course! In "OP 36" each student starts in Division 1 which is 25 yards away from the green on each hole.  If you shoot 36 or better for 9 holes you will level up and play your next event from 50 yards!  Division 3 is 100 yards and this continues all the way to Division 10 which are the red tees at Carolina Lakes.  It's the best way to learn and improve at golf without the typical worries of who is behind you, not being ale to keep score because the course is too hard, losing a bunch of golf balls, etc.  There are none of these hassles with Operation 36...all you have to do is show up and be ready to learn and have fun!  

  "Start playing your best."