​​​​​​​​​​​Cost: $380 all inclusive 

            $40 Annual Enrollment Fee (1 per family) 


 - Expert Instruction for Classes and Events                 - Mobile App with GPS for yardages                               - Bottled Water and Pizza Party after last Event                 - Contests and prizes for kids each class                               - Guaranteed fun and improvement    

Max: 6 per group

  Meeting Place and Pickup Location:                                       The Putting Green next to the Parking Lot                 Attire: No jeans and collared shirt is required.  Golf             shoes are not necessary but are better because                   they are water proof.                                             Equipment: Kids are not required to have their                     own clubs but it is preferred as they feel more                     confident and can practice off site.

2023 Dates Coming Soon!​​​

Thank you kids, parents and grandparents for a great summer!                      

Junior Golf - John's junior clinics and camps are centered around two things...having fun and learning golf!  In addition John uses the OPERATION 36 because it's the best way to get out on the golf course and keeping score almost immediately.  To make each and every Junior Golfer feel special John keeps his junior programs reduced in students compared to most junior programs.  Not only will John's golf lessons last a lifetime but so will the memories they will create!

​​SUMMER CAMPSwill be taught by Director of Instruction John Thompson an expert Assistant for boys and girls ages 10-15.  Students will learn ALL parts of the game.  Typically Monday - Thursday kids will get to out on the golf course to play first thing.  There is nothing better for the kids than to be on the course!  Then the second half of the day will be training and having fun!  This includes full swing practice on the driving range with John's expert instruction particularly on the fundamentals such as grip, posture, routine/alignment and ball position.  There will be lots of fun competitions and prizes as well throughout on the week.  Lunch is included each day Mon-Thurs.  Then the highlight of the week is on Friday.  Kids will not meet in the am but will come from 5-8 pm and play 9 holes!  Family welcome to watch them play on the course and/or come to the Pizza Party at 7:30 pm!

 John Thompson Golf

Junior Golf

​​Future 36ers will be taught by Director of Instruction John Thompson.  These 45 minute weekend clinics are for the little ones to enjoy and learn this great game!  Each week will be 15-20 of range time where John will teach them the first few things that are important with the swing such as ball position and proper follow through.  They will have fun targets to hit at on the range too!  Then there will be chipping and putting instruction with fun competitions and prizes mixed in.  John will take them on the golf course some weeks where they will learn how to keep score and get ready for an Operation 36 Events on the course!

Weekend Future 36ers

Summer Camps

To sign up with a Credit/Debit Card use the Checkout Option below.  

Other Payment options:

 Paypal - ThompsonPGA                          Venmo - @JohnThompsonGolf             Zelle - 704-280-0131

​​​​​​​Cost: $25 per Clinic                                                         $110 for 5 Clinics (Save $15) 

   Registration Fee: None


 - expert instruction from John on all parts of the game   - full access to Operation 36 App with course GPS          - golf course time                                                         - Prizes from fun contests each week                                   - bottled water           

Max: Only 6 students per Clinic

  Meeting Place and Pickup Location:                                    The Putting Green next to the Parking Lot              Attire: No jeans and collared shirt is required.  Golf        shoes are not necessary but are better because they        are water proof.                                                        Equipment: Kids are not required to have their own        clubs but it is preferred so they can practice off site        as well 

Payment options:    Credit/Debit card with form below                                                    Paypal - ThompsonPGA                                                        Venmo - @JohnThompsonGolf                                           Zelle - 704-280-0131                                                               Leave check or cash in Golf Shop                                                      

Select Clinic
Name of Child and Parent Phone
Date(s) of Clinic(s)

                         Ages 11-14

            Wednesdays          Thursdays

Class 1          8/24 | 6-7 pm                   8/25 | 6-7 pm              Class 2         8/31 | 6-7 pm                    9/1 | 6-7 pm

Event 1   Both groups | Thursday  9/8 | 5:30 pm

Class 3         9/14 | 6-7 pm                    9/15 | 6-7 pm

Event 2   Both groups | Thursday 9/22 | 5:30 pm

Class 4         9/28 | 6-7 pm                    9/29 | 6-7 pm 

Event 3   Both groups | Friday 10/7 | 5:30 pm

Class 5         10/12 | 6-7 pm                 10/13 | 6-7 pm

Event 4    Both groups | Thursday 10/20 | 5:30 pm                         Pizza Party after the Event! 

    Future36ers     Ages 5-8 | Sundays 11-11:45                   April - November 

Operation 36 is the best junior program for kids of all ages ability levels.  This year Juniors will have 10 week programs with 6 Academy Classes and 4 Nine Hole Events!  In each one hour weekly class specific topics will be covered and there will always be fun contests and prizes as well.  Then every other week kids will challenge themselves on the course to "level up" and move from Division 1 all the way up to Division 10.  Division 1 is 25 yards away from the green, Division 2 is 50, 3 is 100 and all the way up to Division 10 which are the Yellow Tee markers at Carolina Lakes.  To advance to the next division you must shoot 36 or better for 9 holes!   The kids love the events and each player needs a parent/caddie to drive them around the golf course and help them keep score.  

Fall Semester - 9 week Program  

5 Academy Classes and 4 Nine Hole Events     

    Summer Camps

      2023 Dates Coming Soon!

Fall Semester - 9 week Program                                (5 Academy Classes and 4 Nine Hole Events)

​        Fall Semester Full  

Late Fall/Winter Semester coming soon!                                                     

                         Ages 7-10

             Wednesdays          Thursdays

Class 1          8/24 | 5-6 pm                   8/25 | 5-6 pm              Class 2         8/31 | 5-6 pm                    9/1 | 5-6 pm

Event 1   Both groups | Wednesday  9/7 | 5:30 pm

Class 3         9/14 | 5-6 pm                    9/15 | 5-6 pm

Event 2   Both groups | Wednesday 9/21 | 5:30 pm

Class 4         9/28 | 5-6 pm                    9/29 | 5-6 pm 

Event 3   Both groups | Thursday 10/6 | 5:30 pm

Class 5         10/12 | 5-6 pm                 10/13 | 5-6 pm

Event 4    Both groups | Wednesday 10/19 | 5:30 pm                         Pizza Party after the Event! 

​           ​​​Boys and Girls Ages 5-8                      Sunday mornings 11-11:45 am

                   Every Sunday:

           April - November

        First Clinic - Sunday April 24th                               Last Clinic - Sunday, November 13th