The grip display kept in the Pro Shop to feel the grip and size of your choice.  

Grips kept in stock (Installed same or next day)

​     Tacki Mac Velvet Standard

     Tacki Mac Wrap Standard

     Tacki Mac Wrap Ladies

     Tacki Mac Arthritic Jumbo


Club Re-gripping

 John Thompson Golf

To have your golf clubs re-gripped please contact John via e-mail or phone indicating the type of grip you would like and the number of clubs you have to be re-gripped.  Browse all grip options here.


Club Re-Gripping is done by John on site at Carolina Lakes.  John uses and recommends the brand Tacki Mac.  They are made in the USA and better/longer lasting than any other grip.  Despite the better quality they are not as expensive either.  These are kept in stock and can be done the same day or next day.  If you want a different grip such as Golf Pride, Winn or Lamkin they can be ordered and installed within a few days. 

​Grip prices are:  The cost of grips (guaranteed lowest price)

​                             + $4 per club labor (done by hand, quality guaranteed)