Cost: $25 perFull Swing or Short Game              $35 per On Course


 - expert instruction on all parts of the game                   - take home notes                                               - guaranteed lower scores                                                   - bottled water    

Max: Only 4 students per On Course with John and 6 per regular clinic for maximum effectiveness

  Meeting Place and Pickup Location:                                  John's Teaching Tent on the Driving Range           Attire: No jeans and collared shirt is required.  Golf      shoes are not necessary but are better because they      are water proof. 

 Spring 2021

​Thursday, March 25  

    On Course 8-9:30 am                                                                            Driver and Hybrids 10-11 am                                                              Chipping and Pitching 11 am - 12 pm

Thursday, April 1

    On Course 8-9:30 am                                                                            Full Irons, Hybrids, Wedges 10-11 am                                              Bunker Shots and Pitching 11 am - 12 pm

Thursday, April 15

    On Course 8-9:30 am                                                                            Driving it your furthest and 2nd shots 10-11 am                            Chipping and Short Putts (inside 6 feet) 11 am - 12 pm

Thursday, April 22

    On Course 8-9:30 am                                                                            How to make solid contact with Irons 10-11 am                              Long Putts and Green Reading like Pros 11 am - 12 pm

Thursday, April 29

     On Course 8-9:30 am                                                                           Uneven/Hilly Lies and Irons, Hybrid Tune Ups 10-11 am           Chipping and Pitching 11 am - 12 pm

Thursday, May 6

     On Course 8-9:30 am                                                                           Driving it your furthest and FW Woods 10-11 am                           Mid Range Shots and Bunker Shots

Thursday, May 13

     On Course 8-9:30                                                                                   Mid Range and Full Wedges and Irons 10-11 am                           Chipping and Putting

Thursday, May 20

     On Course 8-9:30                                                                                   Uneven/Hilly Lies and Iron shot solid contact 10-11 am               Putting and Green Reading like the Pros 11 am - 12 pm

Thursday, May 27

     On Course 8-9:30                                                                                   Driver and second shots 10-11 am                                                     Bunker Shots and Pitching 11 am - 12 pm

​Thursday, June 3

​     On Course 7-8:30 am                                                                           Irons, Hybrids and FW Woods and solid contact 9-10 am           Chipping and Pitching 10-11 am

Thursday, June 10

     On Course 7-8:30 am                                                                           How to intentionally Draw and Fade shots 9-10 am                     Mid Range Shots and uneven lies around greens 10-11 am                                                 



Men's Clinics

Thursday Spring Tune Ups 

On Course8-9:30 am  (4 max)

 John will take 4 students out on the course and teach how  Tour Professionals aim, select         clubs arounds the greens for Chipping/Pitching, how to Read Greens and much more.               Personal summary sent to each student on what to practice the end of the lesson.

Men's Full SwingorShort Game 10-11 am  (6 max)

  Traditional Clinics on the Driving Range and/or Short Game Area where John will give a brief        demo on the topic of the day.  He will show you the setup fundamentals the tune up each                  student individually.  These are the most cost effective way to lower your golf scores!

Select Clinic
Date of Clinic
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Men's Clinics will feature two options in 2021 with the addition of on course instruction!  These clinics on the course and the traditional ones after the most effective way to lower your scores.  John will teach you how all the Tour Pros do it at setup/address first and then give each student individual instruction.  Golf is a hard game but not as much after coming to these clinics.  Sign up below and stop wasting shots and practicing bad habits.

 John Thompson Golf

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Options to Register:

- Use the PayPal button below to register and pay in advance via PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards

- Contact John via email to or call/text 704-280-0131 and indicate which Clinic(s) you would like to attend.  You may bring check or cash to Clinic.